Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS)

This is wikispace has been set up for ITGS students at the Western Academy of Beijing to learn, collaborate and extend their knowledge and understanding of IT in a Global Society though the use of eLearning technologies.

Current Focus

The focus of this wikispace for November - December 2009 is to provide guidance to students for the HL Portfolio.


Members of the space are the Grade 11 ITGS students and invited faculty members. We also have invited teachers from other schools who may visit the site from time to time to see what we are up to.


Visitors to this site are very welcome and we hope that our 'work-in-progress' is helpful. By making this space public, we have opened up our classroom to the world. There will be typos and factual errors as this is a space for students to explore and build ideas and work together. We welcome constructive feeback.


This space is public and as such can be viewed by anyone. Only members can edit pages. At this stage, anyone can post messages. It is the intention to invite other students and teachers to participate in this space. Please email Madeleine Brookes ( ), teacher/organiser of the site if you would like further information.