1. Check the news item is attached (E = 0 if not)
  2. Check the date of the news item – see 6 months rule in guide
  3. Check the news item is the same as the one specified on the cover sheet, referred to in Criterion A and the one in the bibliography (E = 0 for wrong news item attached)
  4. Scan/read the news item to determine the IT system and the issue, and to determine if it is not ‘Non ITGS’ – if so the piece is work is not marked
  5. Check the news item is in the bibliography (E=0, naming it on the cover sheet is not enough)
  6. Check the format of the bibliography and footnotes. Some common problems are: leaving out the date of publication, the date of access, and the publisher of the web site.
  7. Check at least 4 different references are in the Bibliography
  8. Check the quality of the sources as this can affect Criterion F. Very good research (‘extended relevant examples’ in F) uses a variety of quality sources about the issue and the IT system. Extended research has usually more than 10 good sources used very well in the text.

2 marks = a standard bibliography properly used. 2 marks must be nearly perfect as it is easy to obtain 1 mark with a minimal list.

1 marks = a list of references that can be traced (URLs list must refer to the actual document/page)