This should be about 250 words. You can break this down into 3 paragraphs.

Paragraph 1

You must identify the problem if this has not been identified in Criterion C. If the problem is not stated in C or D, then D will receive 0 marks.
This section you give a full description of the solution. This solution should be based on evidence that you have found.

Paragraph 2

You must explain how the solution will solve the problem.

Paragraph 3

You must discuss the effectiveness of the solution. This is where you criticize the solution - will it work?
You could raise further issues.

Level 1

The student has only listed the “solution”.
This type of response will be characterized by a single point with no further development.

Level 2–3

For 2 marks the response will probably be a single point to state the “solution” with limited description of it. For 3 marks there will be a full
description of the solution that covers the key aspects of it. The description does not have to be exhaustive.

These marks should be seen as a continuum. The student will have described the solution, but the determinant of the mark will be the
breadth or depth of the description.

Level 4

The student will have explained how the “solution” has solved the problem but will not have commented on its effectiveness in solving the problem.

Level 5

The student will have evaluated the “solution” and how it solves the problem, partially solves the problem, or raises further issues.
This again need not be exhaustive, but should be achievable by a student.