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It is made up of two words PICTure and ELement - a single dot on a monitor or printed document. In colour images the data describing the pixels has both brightness and colour information. Pixels of 24 bits can represent millions of colours.”

Bit-mapped graphics

Are composed of a collection of bits (containing red value, blue value, green value and alpha) that describe the individual pixels within an image. Each pixel is a specific color, and the collection of these pixels form an image. When pixels are altered, the picture is altered.

Object-oriented graphics

Are also known as vector graphics. They are made up of multiple lines in directions, they are mathematically induced. It defines pints and the direction for the light to go.
  • File sizes are smaller
  • Less information to store


The process of simulating motion with a series of still pictures


It stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface it is a “standard protocol for communication between electronic musical instruments and computers” (http://wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn?s=midi)


The use of computers to design products, architects and designers commonly use CAD (Computer Aided Design) for creating anything from plans for new buildings to new designs for running shoes to a new design for a car.

many advantages including:
  • Data flexibility allowing multiple users across the globe access to the same data, because all the data needed for the project can be stored on one computer server.
  • Give the user a cost estimation of the design, this includes materials used, manufacturing costs etc.
  • Quick easy editing, and easily reversible design. This allows designers more time to be creative without their ideas, while not wasting too much time. (Imagine if they were drawing by hand)


Hypertext is text displayed on a computer or other electronic device with references to other text that the reader can immediately access, usually by a mouse click or keypress sequence. Like a hyperlink.


Density of pixels, measured by the number of dots per inch MIDI: A standard interface that allows electronic instruments and computers to communicate with each other and work together.


is a standard in audio file formats. It is the most commonly used because of it’s compatibility and its data compression and consequently it has smaller file sizes.


Data integrity:

An example of a data integrity mechanism is the parent and child relationship of related records in a database. If a parents record has one or more related child records all of the referential integrity processes are handled by the database itself, which automatically insures the accuracy and integrity of the data so that no child record can exist without a parent (also called being orphaned) and that no parent loses their child records. It also insures that no parent record can be deleted while the parent record owns any child records. All of this is handled at the database level and does not require coding integrity checks into each application.

consistency in design elements:

The consistency of design is basically how designs are kept constant within a certain presentation, for example a document, a poster, a website, a newspaper or a brochure. The consistency of design of a website is very important. It plays a huge factor in whether people visit your website or just pass right on by. First of all, all of the pages should have the same layout. If the title is on the top of the page, then there should be a title on every other page, in the same position, to inform the viewer which page they are on. A subtitle (if needed) should come next and after that comes the main text. The layout of the actual text is also important in the presentation of the page. If there is a lot of text, chances are that a viewer will not want to take the time to read it all. Smaller, spread-out blocks of text are a better alternative.